Pandora- My Forgotten App

I remember the first time I got Pandora Radio on my iPod touch-
It made absolutely no sense to me.
I was under the impression that if I typed in an artist or a song, it would only play that artist or that song. I was wrong, and to be completely honest 7th grade Maddi was not impressed. Though Pandora grew on me. As I got a little older and started appreciating music much more, I decided Pandora was one of my favorite apps. It was the route of all discovery. I’d say at least 50% of the artists I listen to now is due to Pandora’s magic process of telling me what I’ll most likely enjoy. How crazy is that?

Pandora was a truly revolutionary app. Not only was it internet radio, but it was the perfectly personalized radio.
But we can never settle, can we? I too am guilty of complaining that I couldn’t play                   a specific song that I want at my beckon call. But that would defeat the purpose of a   radio, I suppose. Either way Pandora is old news. Now Spotify has taken over the music Apps grande supreme.

Perhaps there is some type of deep love, or a small piece of hope residing in me that I will use Pandora once again, sometime soon.In a way I feel like a hoarder, not wanting to let go of the past. So therefore it sits on my home screen like a puppy in a pound yelping,” Pick me! Pick me!”. And yet I never pick Pandora over Spotify.

With all that said, I still refuse to delete Pandora off my phone. One of these days I’m sure I’ll be in the mood to sit back and hand the control over to their little music wizards to find music that I will love. Or I very well may not. There is no telling, but regardless Pandora will always remain snug on my home screen.


  1. I was so happy to see Pandora as the subject of this blog. It makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one who still takes joy out of Pandora. It’s nostalgic as a comfort during my middle-school days. It’s simple. And it’s still where I discover a lot of my music. Long live Pandora. Haha.

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