Right at my finger tips

Surprisingly with the tap of two fingers I’m completely satisfied. Snapchat, Instagram and VSCO make up my application world. To me, when I’m on my phone these three applications could simply make my day. There are times I try to prevent myself from clinking on them but their vibrant colors and preview options intrigue me. There are times that I get distracted because of this and while I understand there are ways to turn off these features I chose not too because I find myself too invested. There are times I feel out of place if I don’t continuously refresh my Instagram page but just to assure myself that I at least vaguely scrolled by everyone’s new post. Instagram’s not alone, whenever I feel bored I click on my snapchat app to view stories. VSCO being a newer application that college student invests their time in, I tend to not spend as much time on this.

Alongside with the apps I find myself loving, there are also several that I don’t even bother to open. I never find myself searching for the white bird also known as twitter or the big white F known as Facebook. These two apps never catch my attention however when I was younger they were more of a hot hit for my fingertips. Aside from these two apps, I don’t have many others that I don’t use. Being a very OCD person, I like when my phone is organized and having things on my phone that I don’t use is pointless to me.



  1. I agree I always constantly have to keep refreshing my Instagram page just to give me some sort of entertainment and is almost like a habit to be honest. It seems like Twitter and Facebook have become less popular in the past few years due to majority of peoples’ favorite apps being Instagram and Snapchat.

  2. I totally agree with the idea of apps catching your eye. Instagram for example just upgraded the look of its app. It used to be just this plain white and black camera. Now instead of the white background, its more rainbow and colorful. This is something that is kind of smart on the companies part, the more appealing to the eye the app is, the more likely we are to tap on it, open, and use the app.

  3. Just out of curiosity, do you organize your apps? For example, perhaps, the social media apps are all grouped together in the same area.

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