Speaking Anonymously Makes you Uncredible

Words that come from a place that’s anonymous takes away from the  credibility of the author of those words. By not taking ownership or responsibility for those words almost is the same as saying something and not standings by it. By  putting oneself is a position to say something without any reproductions in return may sound positive but it only takes away from ones credibility because when you say something online with your face attached to it you allow for people to take your credibility into factor when discussing an issue and credibility is very important it’s what differentiates a stranger insulting you and a best friend insulting you. Who is saying the words matter and when the “who” is hiding then maybe their words aren’t important enough to take into account.

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  1. I agree. I think the one advantage people see in being anonymous online is that they won’t be held responsible. I think this is a massive problem and in many cases leads to cyber bullying.

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