Yik Yak Returns

At Colgate University Melissa Mendez and other classmates joined together to make a group called ACC. This group was made as an outcry to the school for the racist hate they are receiving on Yik Yak from fellow students. The students not only expressed there hate but took it to another level saying they want to harm those in the group. Although Melissa Mendez was the “leader” of the ACC group she was not the only one expressing her feelings during this podcast. The podcast consisted of many different people sharing there own opinion as well as two different schools which share almost the same problems. The people involved were mostly inside voices who experienced the hate from Yik Yak as well as teachers and outside students seeing the hate but not experiencing the pain. When one of the students; Charity Right spoke you were able to sound the disgust and disappointment in her voice towards her fellow classmates. Others who spoke out like a teacher almost started crying and had to take a moment for himself to put himself together before he kept explaining the horrible impact Yik Yak had on those involved in the ACC group. In everyones voice you could hear the pain they had and the struggle they went through. This horrible incident caused students to leave the school and gave Colgate a bad reputation of racism. While listening to this podcast I was surprised at how horrifying racism still is and shaken because of the extent these students took it to. Yik Yak has been used for hate ever since it was created and has only had a negative impact on those involved in the app.

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