Yik Yak

After listening to this podcast, I honestly think Yik Yak does more harm than good. I don’t understand why these social media apps can’t have more restrictions for it’s users. When I say restrictions I mean age, what you can say, and what you post. On other social media sites they have age restrictions to even be able to have an account and restrictions on what you can post. I’m not saying this is always the answer, However I think having some of these restrictions will make things much better for users. I think if users were restricted in what they could post and say on Yik Yak being nothing offensive or inappropriate a lot of these problems with cyber bulling which have been touched upon would go down.


  1. There already are restrictions and a process in place were the activity is monitored, what goes on and what is said on yik yak and most social media apps is monitored. This is why when people make death or bomb threats over the internet they are seen and not taken lightly. I disagree on your idea that you should be unable to post on yik yak or any other site if the post is seen as offensive to someone. Offending someone is not against the law and I feel like your idea violates the freedom of speech.

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