Masks, Faces and When to Use Either.

It is often the argument of those that spout hate in anonomus chat rooms on the internet that freedom of speech gives them the right to say whatever they want, no matter how hateful. Although I don’t believe that anonymity on the internet is by itself evil, I am not so ignorant to think that everyone who posts an anonymously has nice things to say. There are those that hide behind faceless profiles and shout their right to say their opinions of hate and intolerance. Such hate speech is a sickness that spreads and weekends our society and in turn makes a mockery of our right to free speech.

I have advocated in the past that there are people that use anonymity as a way to gain a voice, tells stories and speak of how to better the world by breaking down barriers. I have no issue with people who post/write for the sake of casting away judgement for the sake of substance, I do have issue however with hate speech and those that preach hate in secret. Organizations such as the KKK and Isis, who believe that they are entitled to hate. Let me ask you this, if these terrorist organizations feel so strongly about what they believe than why do they wear masks? Why do they hide their faces if they’re opinions so are justified? It’s because hatred creates hypocrites, people who hide behind the very walls they erect. I believe that if you have an opinion and you claim the right to freedom of speech, you should be able to tell the world what you think without hiding who you are, face to face.

All in all freedom I believe that freedom of speech is a right, but it can be used incorrectly. The reason the right to speak your mind is meant to bring people together, not find reasons to drive us apart. It is up to us as a society to hold the makers of hate speech responsible. It is what will push us into a time when hate has no place in this world, then maybe no one would have to hide behind masks.

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  1. How can language be used to divide people? Think of the 2016 Presidential Election. Why do people (mostly the media) keep saying that “Donald Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous?”

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