Voices of Yik Yak

I’ve never had a Yik Yak, and I never will. Especially after listening to this podcast. Its time we open our eyes to the truths of anonymity. The things you say about people have an effect, and a lasting one. They are seen by real people with real feelings, crazy huh?

Melissa Menendez was one of the many to tell their story. Being diverse at her predominately white college was the root of all her problems on Yik Yak. It must have been so easy for someone to write those things, with intentions of getting a laugh. It must have been so easy to disconnect themselves from it, because they weren’t the name popping up. Hearing perspectives like this, opens your eyes. You rarely hear the victims side on these types of things. Think of how many things we see on the internet and spend so much time laughing at without acknowledging that those are real people we are laughing at. We are all monsters behind a key board.

Overall, I see no good coming out of the Yik Yak app. To me it seems to encourage harassment, rumors, and gossip. It puts too much power in the hand of anybody.


  1. I like how you made an intro and especially how you ended it with a question. Also rather than doing one huge paragraph you made it clean and clear. I also agree with your last sentence that Yik Yak encourages bad behavior like harassment.

  2. I totally agree with the fact that it puts a lot of power in the hands of anyone. I also really like the “monsters behind a key board.” Its a good way to describe his mean and nasty someone could be behind a keyboard.

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