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The anonymity held beneath the application Yik Yak causes more harm than hope for users. Aside from the anonymous usage there also tends to be a lot of peer pressure. Since Yik Yak has the ability to know your current location, it creates a mile radius therefore you’re only allowed to see the so called “Yaks” in that area. For example, when users post something the website automatically makes it anonymous, therefore anyone can comment towards whatever they want, influencing whatever’s being said as long as they’re within that specific area. This action can cause a significant problem.

This specific podcast touches on the way racism and harassment plays a roll on Yik Yak. One victim, Melissa Melendez claims that the first thing she saw on Yik Yak as a student at Colgate College, was how someone wanted to punch her face in. She talked about her day to day struggles facing different stereotypes one Melissa remembered clearly was someone asking her if she had ever been shot simply because she was of a different ethnicity. This racial profiling grew on Melissa and promoted her to reach out to others at Colgate whom were going through the same thing. By forming a group called Association of Critical Collegiate, this would allow support to anyone who was feeling they were being harassed. While this was all going on, Yik Yak was overloading with racial comments, “Well then maybe leave if you don’t want to deal with the realities of living in a white world.” This was one of many Yaks that made it to the front page of this app only a few days later. As many can tell, this application simply has a negative outcome and should be banned to prevent violence on college campuses and in High School. With that being said, college campuses should advocate for more positive networking applications and websites in order to make it a safe and healthier community.

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  1. “Well then maybe leave if you don’t want to deal with the realities of living in a white world.” Is there actually any truth to this statement? And if so, what can we do to change this?

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