Yik Yak

After listening to the Reply All podcast my position on yik yak has just been further supported. Yik Yak is an app where you can anonymously say things to people around you. Its an app where the only people that know who puts up the information is you, no one else knows who says it, so people think they can say whatever they want and that they are safe from the consequences.  I think that yik yak is a disgusting app, the fact that people think it is okay to just rip into people or a group of people is part of the problem with society today. There is no reason for people to feel the need to say what they say on yik yak, keep what you have to say to yourself if you aren’t going to attach your name onto it. It just makes me mad because it shows how soft society is today.


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    Why must people hate? What is it about a lack of verbal responsibility that implores people to attack others without consequences? Are we just so cold and heartless that we feel nothing for the people we attack with our words? I don’t think we are so anti-empathetic, so why is this the world we live in?

  2. I once thought that being behind a computer screen gave people the confidence to say things that they normally would not say to someone’s face. But, now that anonymity online via certain social media apps is possible, the occurrence of cyber bullying must be off the wall.

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