Bold Move, Justine

On December 20, 2013, PR consultant Justine Sacco dramatically altered her life path with this tidbit of wisdom, which she tweeted:


Hot Take!

Sacco was immediately fired from her job after her tweet went viral. She now claims she cannot “get a job or date” like a normal person. Now obviously Justine Sacco is an idiot. The tweet was racist, offensive, and not in the slightest bit funny. Nobody could understand her twisted sense of humor through a keyboard. Tone of voice is an issue when it comes to the internet, sarcasm and jokes do not play very well. Think about real life and how somebody displays sarcasm. The person will change their voice and use body language to say “This is sarcasm.” Through the internet, there are none of those things. When Sacco tweeted this, people immediately took the tweet at face value. For that reason, I have a small place in my heart, very small, naked to the human eye, that feels bad for Justine the PR lady.


  1. This last sentence made me laugh. Its so hard to imagine being that person, like being in her shoes. But people really need to understand the consequences of their words, and like you said, they need to understand that tone is something not easily conveyed in a small tweet.

  2. I completely agree with this response. It’s really hard to understand someone by their tone of voice over the internet. Sacco’s story was a learning lesson for others to be sure not to say anything over the internet that could be misinterpreted.

  3. I agree with you, sarcasm is not something to easily decipher through text, emails, or posts. I can understand and reason with Sacco’s that she didn’t intentionally try to hurt anyones feelings, but going off of the other comments, words are powerful and people need to realize that they can hurt.

  4. Justine Sacco’s is very interesting to me because of her profession. How does a Public Relations Specialist make such a careless mistake? Looks like she’ll be needing a little bit of pr crisis clean-up herself.

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