Justine Sacco Stupidity

Justine Sacco did one of the most idiot things of all time. She thought it was funny to tweet about the fact that she was going to Africa. But she didn’t just leave it at the fact that she was going to Africa but decided to say “going to Africa hope I don’t get Aids…. just kidding I’m white” this tweet changed her life forever. Before landing in Africa her entire life was turned upside down. She was the number one trend on twitter something that her boss happened to see and lets just say he didn’t like what he saw. She ended up being fired from her job and even friends and family where calling her out and asking her why she had said what she said.

This is something that happened to a naive woman who was making a foolish joke on twitter. I happened to believe what she did was dumb but at the same time she shouldn’t of got the reaction she got from it. She clearly didn’t mean it in the way it was portrayed but the response she got is over with and happened all we can do is learn from it and not to make the same mistakes that she did.


  1. I agree. This woman did something really stupid and paid the price for it. I think the biggest lesson the rest of us can take away from this is to always take caution on what we post online. No matter if it’s to friends or family.

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