Protect Your Nudes!

Here’s something I’ve come to learn; no safe is uncrackable, no website is un-hackible, no lock can stays locked forever. Perfect security is an illusion, a lie we tell ourselves to feel safe. None of us want to think about the potential robbery on the banks that hold our money, or a leaking of personal information online. For every lock we build to defend against such acts, there is always someone who knows how to build a key.

If this is a new concept to you I apologize if this is a rough wakeup call. I guess I’ve never trusted the internet. The idea of willingly giving information to forces I have no knowledge of seems more dangerous than convenient to me. But I’m not so single minded to think my life without social media as objective. I realize there’s a spectrum to internet usage and different levels of digital security. In an age of technology it is more important to remember that perfect security doesn’t exist. All our information is digital now; our likes, our dislikes, who we hang out with, when we hang out with them, finances, medical records, social security numbers, all of it has been digitized and uploaded to one system or another. Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of a stranger and that information is the password: TSwiftMakesMeFeelThings97 (Side note: please don’t hack my email now that you have my password.)

In todays world it’s more important than ever to remember to protect your information. You don’t have to disconnect from social media all together and throw your computer into a fireplace, just be careful. Always keep in mind your own security when you want to post something, don’t post a picture from the same location you take it and maybe change your passwords every once in a while. If your looking for a new password I know for a fact TSwiftMakesMeFeelThings97 isn’t taken anymore.

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  1. Even the iCloud for someone’s personal phone can be hacked. Therefore, there may be no such thing as security, when it comes to the use of technology.

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