Instagram is an online mobile social media site which allows users to capture and share photos either privately or publicly. Users have the option of using different filters and creating captions for their photos. Photos can also be shared to other forms of social media sites. The app was developed in October 2010, However became popular in April 2012. I think Instagram has changed the way society captures and takes photos of life’s moments. I think people like the idea of being able to filter their photos with artistic ¬†and fun filters. In which case it has reached out to a wide range of audiences. What do you guys think? Do you guys think Instagram has changed the way we as a society capture and share photos with friends and family?


  1. Instagram has definitely influenced how we share pictures, especially with the way it encourages selfie culture. Ironically, I think it’s design contributes to the revival of polaroid cameras. With its square images and vintage-style filters, it drew attention towards its inspiration.

  2. I think that Instagram has given the ability to include text and image, in order to send a message to your followers. I don’t think that Instagram has change language itself, rather it has affected the way that humans communicate via social media.

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