On April 9, 2012 (according to Magic and Loss), Facebook offered up a billion dollars to create an image-sharing app called Instagram. Four years later, Instagram turns into the new Facebook. Facebook used to be the “hot-app” that everyone had and that everyone was talking about. People then focused on posting statuses with the hope of people “liking” the status. Now that Facebook has sort of died down, Instagram has become the new “hot-app.” Almost everyone has an Instagram. It is used to share pictures to your friends. The whole idea of “popularity” is something that I believe has killed the way we interact with each other. Now a day’s people will purposely take a picture and upload it to Instagram. People usually post these pictures to make them look cool with the hope of a large amount of people liking that single picture. Even though Instagram is supposed to be an innocent app, do you believe that there has been some down falls to this app? Do you believe that this app changes the way we look at a certain individual? (When it comes to the amount of likes a person has on his/her picture or the amount of follower’s he/her has).


  1. Yes, yes yes! Instagram has changed the way we look at people, and the way we try to make ourselves appear. In a way instagram is like an advertisement for ourselves. We spend so much time not only picking the perfect picture (because people will totally judge you if you God forbid post more than one picture in one day-by the way who made this unspoken rule?), but we spend far too long picking the perfect filter and a caption that doesn’t make us seem lame. Its like we are literally trying to sell ourselves. There is so much pressure to seem desirable via instagram, why do we do this to ourselves?

  2. It’s interesting to think of how apps are created to stand out from each other, just to end up ultimately having the same function. In example, you can now “share your story” on Instagram, which was originally the main purpose of SnapChat.

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