Instagram is a New Language

Instagram is a social media tool that has developed into a new language. Usually language is used when talking about words, but when defined as a “system of communication between members of a community,” Instagram fits. Instagram is a community, as you create an account, follow people you know, and share content.

The main thrill of an Instagram account is uploading photos and capturing “likes.” Other uses will see your photo on their timeline and “like” it or not. Whatever you post is what you are attempting to communicate with everybody else. That’s language.They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” well, if that is the case and Instagram is just photos, than we have a very complicated language on our hands.

Instagram can be as heavy or as lighthearted as the users want it to be. A simple stroll down the timeline can reveal uploads about memes, social justice, sports, technology, and much more. It’s a language. People are constantly communicating with each other about a variety of topics.


  1. I agree with you, Instagram is pretty much a new world just on the media. Many people find themselves very intrigued when someone likes a picture of yours. A “like” is a type of way people communicate to one an another.

  2. In my opinion images can be much more powerful than words. War photography speaks volumes, as opposed to hearing about war overseas, on the news.

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