Rise of the iphone

The first iphone was released in 2007, seems quite long ago right? But before the iphone became a huge sensation, everyone seemed to have blackberrys. For the longest time I went through 3 blackberrys. Then the iphone 4 came out and I decided to switch over to the apple side. Since then I am on my 3rd iphone(iphone 7). I guess I decided to get an iphone because all of apple’s advertising and many people were praising the iphone. I do think that since everyone had the iphone this influenced my decision to give it a try. So far, I am happy with Apple and their product. I don’t see myself with another phone other then the iphone. This shows that social media influences peoples’ opinion on a pretty important decision, what phone to spend a couple hundred dollars on. Apple puts their product on media advertisement and boom everyone wants the iphone. Social media highly influences many and can alter a person’s opinion very quickly.


  1. I agree with you, Its funny how the blackberry was the ‘cool’ thing to have a few years ago and now its the iPhone. The iPhone seems to have been mainstream ever since it came out, its hard to find someone without an iPhone in todays culture.

  2. Blackberry’s used to be “the work phone,” before Android starting competing with Apple and creating the Galaxy. Both a Galaxy and an iPhone does the same things (for the most part). Do people prefer Apple for the name, more than its actual technological credibility?

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