The Apps We Don’t Use

Take a look at your smartphone. How many apps do you have? How many apps do you use?

Everybody has the same answer: They have more apps than they actually use. But in a day and age where we crave memory and space, why would we keep an app on our phone that is literally wasting space?

I just bought a new phone, and I have downloaded about five apps, apps that I use everyday, I’ll call them the core. These apps will never be deleted, as I make use for them consistently. Where the issue lies is when I get bored one day and download some random game from the app store. On my old phone i downloaded this game called, “Tap Sports Football.” I literally played it once and never opened it again, but it was on my phone the entire time. Did I think I was going to come back to it? Did I just like the logo on my home screen? I don’t have the answers, but many people have similar experiences. A quick talk with my roommates proves my point, as they have told me they have done the same thing.

I’m not sure why we keep the wasteful apps on our phone, but I am sure that everybody has a few they cannot seem to get rid of.


  1. Have you ever tried to organize your apps? Maybe if you don’t use them try putting them in different folders to eliminate the clutter on your phone. Also, I have many wasteful apps on my phone that I try to delete immediately after I know I’m not going to use them. This will also prevent you from having too much on your phone at once.

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