Youtube Video’s Vs. Professional

Generally, a YouTube video tends to be unprofessional and casual. Many people go to YouTube to watch trailers to new movies, or other short clips. YouTube is seen very different than a so called professional movie. Many people are more relaxed while watching videos on YouTube and some may say that’s because they don’t take them as serious as something professional. YouTube over the years has broadcasted a greater quality of video which competes with professional films. From a different standpoint professionalism shows a sense of intelligence therefore while watching this type of film I feel intelligent myself. A professional Movie shows organization and perfection more than something that was posted on YouTube. Personally I prefer a more professional movie setting verses something like a YouTube video. One pro about YouTube that I find is how influential and factual it can be. Sometimes when I need to quickly find a short video to help explain something.


  1. I totally agree about the whole casual standpoint of YouTube. It is easier to go to Youtube when you need a quick answer to a question. I do prefer a professional movie because it has more information but on the other hand Youtube videos are shorter and give you a quicker answer.

  2. Although YouTubers may be viewed as less professional than an actual actor or actress, how is it possible that people become famous, by being seen on YouTube? Think of Justin Bieber, who was discovered on YouTube and look at where he is today. Perhaps, this social media outlet is a way of “making it” out in the real world.”

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