Youtube vs. Professional

There are many differences between the way I watch YouTube videos vs. ways I watch professional movies. While watching YouTube videos, there is a more casual way of watching videos. The actual content of the videos will most likely not be remembered and will only be noticed if there is a strong message behind the video. With most videos these days, comedy is the main focus. People these days watch videos to get a good laugh, learn how to make food, or a “how to do something” video. When it comes to professional movies, the viewer is more likely to take something out of the experience. People do go to movies for the entertainment, but are more likely to remember what happens in the movies for the rest of his or her life. Professional movies are longer and have more content vs. a YouTube video, which is no longer than five minutes. Why do you think we remember movies over any casual video we watch on YouTube?


  1. I agree with this. I tend to search through YouTube for quick information searches as opposed to seeking out a lengthy documentary. YouTube is definitely more accessible.

  2. How is it that YouTube celebrities get so popular? Perhaps, by saying and doing things to please their audience. Think of Tyler Oakley and his best-selling book.– How did he gain so many followers?

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