Youtube is instantaneous and personal. People gravitate towards it for its DIY posts, humorous commentaries, advice videos, and an infinite amount of other subjects. What I think attracts viewers the most are the elements of amateurism. The lesser quality of a camera–  in comparison to that in the film industry- the better. It gives the content a personal vibe instead of an intimidating one. Anyone watching knows that he or she can record their thoughts as easily and post them as instantaneously. In a community of people who have equal access to video communication, everyone has equal power (as far as the ability to openly share ideas).


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    I agree with you that amateurism is in itself a style and there is no better platform for this style than youtube. Youtube is an amazing platform that gives everyone a voice and a chance to succeed. Being someone who makes youtube video I can honestly say that success doesn’t always come easy but the fact that I get that chance is incredible.

  2. People want to see and be seen. Do you think that YouTube celebrities and such would like more exposure? Why is it their goal to obtain more followers, creating a larger audience for themselves?

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