Convergent Media

Throughout this course I think I wrote about a lot of interesting topics. One of my favorite topics I think throughout this course was this idea of having an anonymous voice in the media and online. I personally think this idea is very positive. However, I understand where people might argue the negative side of it. However,  I think this idea of having an anonymous voice in the media is positive. In the sense it has  allowed individuals to share a voice and raise awareness on topics that they may have be struggling with or dealing with in their personal lives. Or topics or issues that they may want to lend a voice on that they may be afraid to do if they had to be identified. An example of this, That I really thought was interesting was this idea of online self-help sites or blogs. My favorite of this category being Cheryl Strayed who also is known as ”Sugar” Cheryl Strayed crated this self- help blog titled ”Dear Sugar” a couple of years back. True Cheryl Stayed doesn’t have a true background in counseling or psychology. She has experienced a lot hardships and challenges through family, marriage, loss, addiction, and other personal problems. In which case fans and individuals respect her opinion and reach out to her to seek advice. The good news is this is all anonymous.In which case, Individuals may not feel as hesitate or afraid to reach out and seek help. Or raise a voice or awareness on topics or situations they would like to have a voice on.  In the past, individuals may have been hesitant in doing this because they may have been worried about being identified.


  1. I agree to a certain extent, anonymity online can be a good thing to truly express yourself without giving your identity away. But, what about people who enjoy threatening others and saying cruel things to them? It’s quite scary that some words of what people say online could cause the victim to harm themselves.

  2. Why is “Sugar” so easy for people, in need of help or advice, to reach out to? In this case, is anonymity a good thing? What if that anonymous “advice-seeker” actually needs more help than Sugar can give him or her?

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