I Loved Disagreeing With Someone, For Once.

All of the topics that we have focused on in this class have been interesting to me especially due to the fact that both me and my major heavily deal with the media. But the one topic that stood out for me was when we dove into the idea of freedom of speech regarding the internet. I have a true belief that we as humans should be as free as we can, it’s somewhat political but sometimes people are too quick to offer making something illegal just because we don’t like it personally. The issue with politics is that people like to make things about themselves and not think about the good of everyone and what is right. It was nice for a change to actually be able to disagree with someone and attempt to further support my side of an argument. Discourse, sparks intelligence  which is why this topic was my personal favorite.

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  1. Just something to think about… If we didn’t have freedom of speech, no one would be able to have disagreements.

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