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Throughout this course thus far I think there were many interesting things we wrote about. However, there was one topic in particular that stuck out to me more than other. One of my favorite topics was about Yik Yak. I think that once being a user of Yik Yak and then reading the article about how it was abused really put things into perspective. Let alone taught me something about the importance of anonymity and how crucial saying something behind a screen could have such an effect on someone. My favorite part about the whole process of writing on this was how easy connectable it was with my life. I find it easier to write deeply about something you’ve experienced or have some connection too. Pretty much any social media web page can be easy to relate too. Growing up in the age that I did, we were always taught that cyber bullying was never allowed and ABC Family always broadcasted movies that would promote young teenagers not to bully over the internet. Growing up like this also made it much easier to connect with topics like this. Overall I enjoy writing about topics I can relate to because the quality of my writing tends to be better.


  1. I agree. I think its interesting growing up in this digital age of social media and the world of media in general. i also grown up watching ABC family films on cyber bullying. I think it’s great ABC family took the time to raise awareness on a current issue such as cyber bullying.

  2. I agree, I enjoy writing topics I can relate too. Anonymity online could initiate more cyber bullying due to the fact that the writers are completely anonymous, I don’t think this is right.

  3. This seems to be the case, with most of our classmates. It’s certainly a lot easier to write about topics that are relatable.

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