Interesting blog topic: Anonymity

The topic about online anonymity really fascinated me to know that people could write such horrific things on Yik Yak and feel good about it. The particular website, Yik Yak, does in fact protect their writers’ identities. I do agree that everyone should have a say and right to feel however they do, but I don’t think it is morally right for them to threaten other peoples’ lives.  If people can bully others online then I feel they should be able to say the same things to them in person. Hiding behind the computer screen isn’t going to make you tough or a better person. I think these anonymous user websites are really hurting others, instead of just being a place where everyone can freely express themselves without threats. I think the whole idea of anonymity is only negative when people don’t have moral values and lack of consideration for the victims of  this cyber bullying.

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  1. Why is it easier for cyber bullies so say something rude or hurtful to another person, behind a computer screen, as opposed to saying it in person?

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