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Through all the topics we’ve spoke about, Anonymity has been the topic that was most to my liking. It was important to think about how the internet truly has come to affect our everyday lives and how we as a generation have grown to use and sometimes, abuse it. The internet is a great plethora of information easily accessible to us by the simple touch of our fingertips, it is on our laptops, phones and tablets. It gives us the latest news articles, help with our math homework, and so so much more including of course, Social Media which has gave birth to a wonderful new type of communication. It gives us a platform that we can use to express ourselves freely, to see what our friends are doing and what’s trending but it also gives us a false sense of bravery. The internet and social media, though wonderful in many ways, has greatly contributed in the lack of empathy and great amount of courage one has when behind their message boards. It has taken away the human element in communication so we have a lot more courage when saying rude or hurtful things because a lot of us have come to find comfort in the fact that there is a great chance we will never see this person in real life, therefore not having to deal with or even see the repercussion of our words. For example, the Reply All: Yik Yak Podcast that we had listened to for class. It held a horrifying tale of a Student being terribly bullied by anonymous users on a social media site called Yik Yak. Though Yik Yak gave people this great platform to speak and express themselves freely, it also provided a platform that allows you to anonymously post whatever you wanted and if people had felt so much comfort in not having to see repercussions of their actions or what they say, we can only imagine what was done with this anonymous ability. This day in class as we spoke about the dangerousness in anonymity, I realized how much we tend to abuse social media and I have learnt to watch my words more wisely.

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  1. Like most things, the Internet and many other forms of technologies were created with good intentions. However, in the hands of the wrong people, technology can be used against us.

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