The Intrigue of Anonymity

The most interesting blog post this year definitely had to do with anonymity on the internet. It’s interesting because you can attack the issue for many different angles. Arguments can be made for it being a good thing for society. People can communicate without judgement and everybody’s voice can be heard. On the other hand, anonymity has been utilized by the Alt-Right movement, and these white supremacists hide behind their computer screens pouring vile things into the internet.

I have had my own experiences with anonymity on the internet that impact my interest. I saw first hand what can happen when teenagers are anonymous when i logged onto Formspring for the first time many years ago. It’s dangerous. When people aren’t held responsible for their words, terrible things can be said, and nobody is reprimanded. Anonymity is interesting because it encompasses so many thing. For example, ISIS is using anonymity on the internet to recruit and spread hateful propaganda against the rest of the world. Anonymity is a hot topic.

I enjoyed writing on various topics so far in this course, but Anonymity takes the cake. I give an honorable mention to Justine Sacco, because it was fun and easy to criticize her. But anonymity is a huge topic in the internet world, and I learn something new everyday about it.



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