Two totally different people

There were many interesting topics that we discussed this semester. The topic of “Contextualized Discourse” was something that I found very interesting. I had never really heard of the phrase “Contextualized Discourse.” But once I found out what it actually was, I kind of laughed. Contextualized Discourse is something that happens daily but I never really knew that there was an actual phrase for it. The term “Decontextualized Discourse” means that any individual can say anything to another human being over text, online, etc. without fear of any repercussions. The reason why I find it so interesting is because it is seen daily. Thinking about it, a majority of the people would not even dare talk to someone like they do over text or social media. People have more “freedom” so say as they please without any fear of anything happening to them. An example of this would be over Instagram. Just looking over the comments, people are calling others names and saying inappropriate things that would never be okay to say in public or even face-to-face. It gives people some sort of courage that can only be used over a screen. Contextualized Discourse is something that does give people courage but in the end affects the way people interact with each other. You could be two totally different people once you think about it. You could be a courageous loud mouth over the screen but a quiet, shy, and timid person when it comes to face-to-face interaction.

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