YouTube, NewTube, Throwing Out the OldTube.

There was a time when my main goal in life was to get home in time for my favorite t.v. shows. That sense of errgancy seems trivial now when now I can access those shows anytime I want. Now that I’ve traded tv screens for computer screens I spend more time on Youtube than I ever did in front of a t.v. The only other difference is how immediate the content is.

The internet is a chaotic information factory, constantly pumping out entertainment for billions of people and in the center that tornado of complicated opinions is a website called Youtube. Youtube is a breeding ground for creativity and amateurism and is responsible for amateurisms current standing in media as its own style. Part of me praises Youtube for its ability to enable anyone and everyone to create a platform for themselves. Think its important that everyone have a way to have their voices be heard and thats what Youtube allows us to do. However, at the same time I feel nostalgic for the time when I had to wait to watch my favorite shows and the immediacy of Youtube hardly leaves any time for anticipation. Most videos I watch are between 3-10 mins. long and don’t leave me in a state off “I can’t wait to see what happens next!” because my experience as a viewer begins and ends in 3-10 mins.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Youtube is great, but it isn’t like t.v. in that t.v. gives us something to looks forward too. Even when new videos show up in your subscription box you often don’t know their going to be there and you don’t know the quality of the video you get. At least with t.v. we know for the most part what we’re getting and I think there is value in that. What I’m trying to say is although the internet is rapidly expanding and although Youtube is doing some truly incredible things, don’t throw out your t.v. because good television isn’t finished yet.


  1. Why is it that watching television seems more desirable to so many? Is it because it is considered so much more professional and edited (flawless)?

  2. Do you feel that you can get educated by YouTube videos? There are many informational videos on YouTube that have made me visualize certain things.

    1. Absolutely, in the absence of good tv shows I tend to turn to YouTube for my entertainment. I consider a select few videos part of my childhood in a sense.

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