YouTube vs. Professional Movies

The rise of the digital media age has enabled an entity that has become quite essential to our lives; YouTube. It has taught us “how to”, whether it be a makeup tutorial, a braid or a skateboard trick. It has provided jobs, a new base for advertisement and a new type of entertainment. It is also not exclusive, everyone can make a video and post it. And when it comes to finding content that interests you there’s no doubt that YouTube has something for everyone. We watch YouTube casually in bed. It’s easy, free, and has content we can all enjoy which is why we as a generation have fallen in love with YouTube.

Professional Movies are a lot different. Like YouTube, it is a cherished type of entertainment and I am sure that anyone can find a movie that fits their taste. It also a good base for advertisement; other movies are usually advertised before the movie starts and during the movie we see product placement. It too has provided jobs but for a more exclusive group of celebrity actors and actresses and credited directors. Movies have a budget usually of millions of dollars and they are able to shoot scenes sometimes in different states and countries. They follow a script that has been looked over hundreds of times and carry a team for wardrobe and makeup. Movies are produced and sent to theaters around the world but the audience is exclusive to who can see the film depending on what it is rated. The movies aren’t free, we usually pay about $12 for a ticket and go to see it in theaters on a huge screen, in the dark with our friends and family. Movies also have a food dedicated in its honor, Popcorn, soda and your choice of candy (which will probably run you a $100 due to the ridiculous prices of concession stand food).

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