Collecting Memories

In “Unpacking my Library” the author gets across one main point. He describes how collectors don’t always collect objects for their functional purpose, but instead as keepsakes. In this case he discusses a book collector. He goes through how a book collector goes about obtaining their books, and furthers this by describing that this is part of the allure. Each book has a story, not just the story literally inside, but the tale of how the collector got this book and the memories this book rustles up. He may have never even read the book, and yet he is already familiar with its (or his own) story. I do the same, just not with books. In terms of media there are two things that I collect, and I’m sure many of my peers do as well. If you were to look through my phone and laptop you would find thousands of pictures. Although only a portion of those pictures have been posted online, and only a stack or two have printed out into hard copies. Its not the picture’s functional use (for me to show everybody else) but for my own reasons I don’t delete them. A lot would consider that hoarding, but I hold all of those pictures close to my heart. They are all a different memory. Looking back at one can take me to an entirely different time and place. I collect all of these picture for the memories. In addition to pictures I rarely delete messages either. It’s the same concept. Sometimes its nice to read an old conversation, you can relive emotions through them. Its conversation that you are able to re read over and over again, and in a lot of ways can sometimes help you make sense of things. Just like books there are things now that I hold close to my heart simply because I view them as a memory.

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  1. I like the way you compared your methods of saving memories to the course reading. It seems we share something in common, in terms of saving and sharing memories. There are some pictures that I value more than others, and those important pictures are printed.

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