Are we ever really offline?

Danah Boyd focuses on the usage of the term offline, contemplating its true meaning and asking if the meaning offline really means anything at all to us. In the world we are in today we are constantly connected to social media. Our phones go off with texts and out Instagram with likes, but just because we get the notification doesn’t me we are paying attention to it. Just because we check something online doesn’t mean we will answer a text. Danah Boyd changes the meaning of online and offline, it is non-existant which I agree with today. Many of us can relate to her, almost everyone today has a phone or a laptop or iPad, or any devices connecting you to the online world, and pretty much all of us use it. iPhones are used at dinner to look up things, they are used to do math, phones can help us find more information or solve most problems. Yes, we are on our phone but we aren’t online. Once we read/answer a message or post something, then we log back on to that world. I don’t believe online and offline can be the correct definitions to use in today’s society. We are always both online and offline, in very different ways.


  1. I agree with you. We are both online and offline. It seems that we know when to chose to be active on social media and when to not be active. Our phones definitely do help us with simple things like looking something up, calculator, etc. but I wouldn’t say we are always online.

  2. This is so true! I feel like I rarely “unplug” from the everyday chaos of my life, including: my phone, emails, and social media.

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