Youtube vs. Netflix

Youtube Vs. Netflix . This has been an ongoing competition over the last couple of years. Youtube is a free online site which allows users with accounts to upload videos. Users are able to watch shorts clips, videos, and have access to a ton of music. Netflix is another online site which allows users to have access to millions of TV shows and movies. However, Unlike Youtube which is pretty much free unless you want to pay for a specific movie. Netflix is usually about $8 dollars a month. Personally being a fan of both, I am willing to defend both. As someone who is a big movie frantic I think Netflix is fantastic! I love having assess to millions of movies directly to my computer and phone. I think it’s definitely worth the money and it’s a great deal. However, I think Youtube is great to watch music videos, and shorts shows such as presidential debates and news clips. Being free I think it’s a great resource. As far as the idea of ”amateur movie watching Vs. Professional movie watching” I think Youtube’s problem with being free most of it’s videos consist of short ads that usually cannot be skipped or fast forward. Which can be frustrating. Youtube also does not always have full videos. Netflix doesn’t have adds but it doesn’t always have older movies and it’s true you do have to pay $8 dollars a month. All and all I think I have to say I am happy with what both sites have to offer.

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