Our “Addiction” to Technology

Our generation is constantly accused of being addicted to technology, slaves of our phones and tablets, disconnected from the world and our surroundings because we are indebt to our phones and I find this so very ironic. In the “Participating in the Always On Lifestyle” Article, author Danah Boyd focuses on the ways in which we use the internet, not due to unhealthy addiction, but  because of the connection and plethora of information it guarantees us. Boyd states that we are constantly connected to information, whether it be the plethora of status updates  and twitter messages posted by friends, colleagues and intriguing humans that we don’t know on Social Media, the directions that google maps provides us or the endless array of bibliographies and answers given to us by Wikipedia. The internet and our technology has not disconnected us, it has revolutionized the way in which we connect. We have found comfort in having access to all of this information at any time and that is something older generations may not be able to understand. How many of us are guilty of forgetting our friends birthdays and checking Facebook, getting lost and resorting to google maps or translating other languages through google. Technology and all it has to offer is here to help.


  1. I agree with the pros and cons of humans using technology. We shouldn’t be criticized for the advancement of technology, when it has done more good than harm.

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