A Developing Semester Project

Having to do this post forced me to face this paper that I have truthfully have been avoiding for some time. The reason is most likely due to the fact that my idea was as general as you could get and narrowing that idea down being specific enough yet still broad enough to write such a paper about is easier said than done. Being assigned to find three worth while sources for my paper forced me to do so. I knew I wanted my paper to be about how the internet affected our communication more so than the legal interpretation of freedom of speech on the internet. With that I found How The Internet Is Changing The Way We Communicate which brings up some very good points about what the internet is doing to our way of not only communicating but gaining information. This also lead me to the term of the Echo Chamber Effectwhich the internet has created. The Echo Chamber Effect is that people are being exposed to other peoples reactions to news more than the news itself, this creates for an interesting point on what the effect of the internet has on how we not only get news but interact with each other. The last source I found was Freedom Of Expression on The Internet which dives into how freedom of speech has shaped its way onto the internet.

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  1. Glad to hear the blog post got your paper started a little sooner than expected. Another idea for your paper… Try to connect the issue to your own personal experiences, compared to the experiences of others online.

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