The Political Leaks

For my semester paper I’ll be writing about leaks and anonymity in politics, and how it has become its own form of social justice. The most obvious example right now is the Wikileaks scandal that Hillary Clinton finds herself involved in. Wikileaks has released thousands of e-mails detailing sensitive information about her campaign. This isn’t the first time Wikileaks has shaken up the political world, they’ve been devoted to doing so since 2006.

Julian Assange is the man behind Wikileaks, but another group called Anonymous has no front man. Anonymous used to be an ally of Wikileaks, and both are committed to exposing corruption and freedom of information. They have separated of late because they believe Wikileaks is being used by Assange to pursue his own desires instead of the collective effort. Anonymous stages protests and also hacks into sensitive information. In 2012 Time magazine named the group one of the 100 most influential people alive. This hacking stuff is serious business.

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