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So originally I was just going to focus on anonymity online and the negative effects it has on people’s lives. But, now my research is shifting more towards the long term effects that cyber bullying has on people, women in particular. I think body dissatisfaction is more common in women than men so that’s why I would choose women as the audience. However, I want to give a counterargument to why anonymity might be positive but still the negatives outweigh the positives. So far, I’ve found case studies that agree that without eye contact this increases bullying online. I think my research is coming along pretty well I just need to have everything fall together with causes and effects. I’m very interested in anonymity online and think this could make a good research paper.

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  1. i’m currently taking Gender and Communications and we discuss the beauty industry a lot, but we also have conversations about how young girls and women feel about their bodies because of the media. Even though it isn’t about cyber bullying, it still might be useful. Professor Dara Murray would be the perfect person to talk to and you could even use her published work for your research!

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