Is Social Media Becoming a Gateway for Bullying

My research topic will be “Is Social Media Becoming a Gateway for Bullying? ” In our technologically advanced generation, social media has become one of the biggest assets to our lives. It has revolutionized communication as we know it, allowing us to know what our friends are doing at any given time on any given day. It allows us to be “in on” universal inside jokes. It constantly keeps updated on what’s trending whether it be news stories, celebrities or our favorite shows. It exposes us to this community of ever changing, ever updating surplus of information. What’s also important to note is how social media affects the individual,  Social Media has become a platform of free expression that furthers the idea of freedom of speech. People have been  able to share personal information, philosophies, politics, beliefs, and more, without fear of discrimination. But this good does have it’s cons. Social Media has also given us the option to be anonymous and enabled us to have the ability to say whatever we want anonymously,  this is also something we’ve discussed quite heavily in class.   “Hiding behind your keyboard”, is a phrase commonly heard in today’s society. People now hide behind their anonymity and spew harsh criticism and hateful comments which becomes difficult to police when someone is hiding behind an avatar and a pseudonym. This has become something constantly abused on sites like Yik Yak, Ask fm and many more. People have used Yik Yak as a place to bully, verbally abuse and sometimes even sexually assault the persons of topic. I plan to explore how social media has enabled cyberbullying in its evolution, how social media has impacted our empathy as a generation and the dangers of anonymity. Here are links to my research so far:




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  1. Another broader topic to introduce at the beginning of your paper might be analyzing how social media affects social behavior amongst humans.

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