For my semester project both Jen and I wanted to focus on the whole idea of images being the new language (mentioned in Magic and Loss). We decided we wanted to focus on one social media site: Instagram. Instagram is a social media site where individuals post and update pictures of what they are doing in there lives. As years have passed, people now have changed the way we interact with each other. Emojis are used in a conversation to depict some sort of emotion. Gif’s are used for laughter and entertainment within a conversation. Images are becoming a new form of language.

Jen and I both started our very own Instagram page and Website. Our mission was to have a page that focused on one topic/ theme and have people send us pictures and we would upload them to Instagram with the captions #whatmakesyouhappy and #purebliss. We first asked our teammates to help us out and send us pictures, but to also ask the help of other people as well. Our mission was that we wanted people to send us pictures that make them feel “pure bliss” or “happiness.” Each person had there own belief on what pure bliss means to them.

Our project overall was both both exciting and a learning experience. It was interesting to see the different view points and ideas of what a certain phrase means to certain people. Everyone views everything differently. It was fun to see people actually get excited about our project. We received a flood of different pictures from many different people. Jen and I both plan on continuing this project and we would just like to thank everyone for helping us out and sending pictures of what pure bliss means to them.



  1. I really loved your presentations! I like how you set up your website and that you decided to use this hashtag. I wish you guys the best of luck for the future! I hope you reach your goal of 365 post :))

  2. I loved the idea of spreading positivity via a social media campaign. There are a few social media outlets that attempt to do so on a broader level; however, I think you did a great job at reaching a larger audience in a local community. Starting small in a local community, like a college campus, can open the doors for larger opportunities. Great job!

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