My Semester Project

For my semester project I decided to create a Twitter blog. I thought this would be a fun and unique way to share a personal project to the class. At first my goal was to follow popular news stories from the last year (end of 2015 and onward to 2016) and tweet about what was happening both in politics and across the world. I ended up tweeting a lot of top moments about Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump as they moved through summer 2016 with the election process coming up in November. It was interesting to kind of have a timeline of both of their campaigns. Along with seeing how much the media had influence the election. As this being my first election I thought it was interesting keeping up to date and ┬áhaving the opportunity of comparing different media stories. Over time however, I began following blogs that were of personal of interest to me. I believed it was important to make my project a little more personal. In which case I began to tweet and follow a lot of vegetarian blogs. I personally as a vegetarian got a lot out of this. I learned about new snack ideas along with nutrient and health tips. ┬áMy hope for the future is to continue using twitter. I think it’s a great way to stay up to date with what you care about.

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  1. Sometimes the best way to conduct research is to experiment with something firsthand. Creating the Twitter account and actually posting things is a great way connect with followers, analyze the connects that you’re making, and seeing the results of your work. This is probably the only way to see that followers are connecting and engaging with the content that you are producing.

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