For my research paper, my topic was micro-celebrities in the media. I researched how and why  these micro-celebrity models become famous and how they accumulate millions of views with just one post. My research paper and semester go hand in hand, I interviewed my friend who I would consider to be some what of a micro-celebrity. In our interview we spoke about her political views, her community of followers, and how she feels about the negative comments that follow being in the “lime light”. One thing that she touches base on is how she had two interest, posting Youtube videos of her weightless journey and being a political activist on Twitter, both accumulating thousands of views and likes. She mentioned that, she had to choose one and couldn’t intwine them for she would loose followers on either social media platform. Her statement really intrigued me and furthered my own personal research.

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  1. Interesting choice of “micro-celebrity.” I’m also intrigued by the way that these bloggers and vloggers curate specific content, according to the patterns of connection between themselves and their followers. For example, some micro-celebrities may choose not to discuss politics because it may cause them to lose followers. It would have been great to see the data analytics behind her social media and some of the other content that she was producing, in correlation to the number of followers she gained and lost, over the course of her career. Nice job!

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