Final Project

Do you enjoy snapchat?

“I do enjoy snapchat very much, I think it is a great way to connect with friends. The way we communicate on snapchat is like a whole new world.”

What is your favorite part about snapchat?

“Snapchat is a different way to communicate than any other social media. I like how we can’t send quick pictures to anyone on our friends list and I enjoy seeing what my friends and family are doing by just looking at their story. I also like the filters I find them so cool and I can’t take a picture without them”

What do you think about the filters?

“I think they are funny, some make me look amazing but others just are something to laugh at. They are cool and way different than anything else.”

Do you realize how they distort your face?

“A little bit but I don’t think its that big of a problem, I think its just fun. Maybe to think of it its not that great but that won’t stop people from using it and feeling more beautiful.”

“I didn’t really think about that though”

Now realizing it, do you think it changing what we define is beauty?

“defiantly but what doesn’t? We have photoshopped models everywhere we look. One day thick girls is what guys like and the next we see these Victoria secret models walking down the runway and everyone wants to be them”

I also recorded a podcast of me and a friend speaking about snapchat and its filter. I also added videos in the background of celebreties using the filter to show not only the change in their facial structure and their skin but also to show how distorted our beauty standards have become. I enjoyed this project a lot because I was able to research a social media website that I use often. I didn’t know about the filters distortions until I researched about it and it opened my eyes and showed me a whole new world that I even showed my friends. I enjoyed this project very much and was able to get a ton of feedback

Snapchat Podcast


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