Semester project:

For mine and Mary Lee’s semester project, we were interested in detecting how  much of cyber bullying goes on and what are the short and long term effects of it. We came across a man of advocation against cyber bullying and his name is Keith Deltano. Keith Deltano gives very inspirational speeches to children, teens, and adults all over the world. The idea of cyberbullying really does effect everybody and creates these physical appearance insecurities in some individuals. We also explored how many people actually use Yik Yak and other anonymous sites, for good and for bad. Majority of the things people wrote were negative, so this tells us what people are using these anonymous sites for. Ask.fm was another anonymous website, that are friends and we included used to use, this site allowed people to ask you anonymous questions. We have to admit, all the questions were too inappropriate to show to the class. It amazes us how people enjoy harassing others over a screen and can remain completely anonymous. We are planning to research more on cyber bullying and how it’s becoming a big issue in today’s world. This top is very relevant in today’s world and important for everyone to be aware of the this bullying that takes place online.This video is the one we played in class of Keith Deltano and is worth a rewatch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV7RvFz7sb8

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  1. Using the same weapon that cyber bullies use against their victims is a great way to combat this issue. Social media can be very harmful, although it was created with better intentions.

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