Final Project:Disconnected


For my semester project I decided to combine some of my favorite things. Writing is my passion, specifically poetry. I saw an opportunity to publish my first piece, and see how others reacted to it. The poem is basically about how although our society is labeled as “connected”(since we are always on our phones) we are actually disconnected from the real world. To go with the poem I decided to take some footage and produce it into a short video. It show genuine footage and reactions. The person in it is my best friend, I was surprised to see how often she really did take out her phone while we were hiking.

After throwing it together and before presenting it for class, I decided to put it up on Facebook to see the reactions it would get. I ended up generating many likes and shares, people messaging me left and right. Many of the messages were encouraging, but some pointed out a perspective I didn’t see. Some people claimed my video was very controversial, something I was really not expecting to hear. Some claimed that the internet and media are the only way people can feel part of the world, pointing out people with depression finding friends on the internet who had helped. I hadn’t thought of this. What I had put out there was for people to view and to maybe encourage people to reconsider whipping their phones out for once, not offend anyone. All in all posting my video to a social platform actually broadened the horizon of my intended project. Its safe to say everybody has an opinion, and is not afraid to voice them online.


The poem:

Minds sown to our phones,

We don’t even stop to breathe,

We are suffocated by these little glowing screens.

But who needs air anyways

When you’re sucking in for an instagram pic,

Or holding your breath because you haven’t gotten a text back from Nick

We don’t have time to breathe.

We only have time for timelines and then time flies and the next thing I know

Me and reality are saying goodbye.

FOMO is fear of missing out

And yet we don’t even stop to look around,

We neglect the fact that it is all tunnel vision,

Tell me. Whens the last time you watched the sun as its risen?

We have five senses and we only use our eyes

Little do we know they are just getting fried,

Whens the last time you sat around and talked, expanded your mind?

What was life like before you let it pass you by?

What happened to working with our hands?

Now we all think we’re someone, busy tending to our fans

This takes a toll on my soul,

The fact that you think the real world is dull.

You think that this is real life? Its all digitalized.

You call it browsing,

I call it hypnotized.

Everything you’ve ever thought has been compromised.

Do you even have a stance?

Cause I read that article too, I don think that’s just chance.

Do you even know where you are?

Or have you clicked so many times that you’re now so far

From the main point, the original destination.

The media’s got our brains in jars

And we just go with it no hesitation.

Beauty isn’t pixels,

Its hiking up steep hills.

Its beautiful moments,

All you have to do is notice, stop trying to decode this.

What are we doing living vicariously through other people’s posts,

spinning uncontrollably through our own litost.

We’ve let our phones become the reason for our plateau,

Tell me. Is this life worth living if there is no growth?




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  1. I loved the creativity of your semester project! The words of the poetry paired with the visual effects made your message so effective. It could almost have that “epiphany” effect on listeners/viewers.

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