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Eighteen year old forced off a train by a police officer

In class on Monday, February fifth, we discussed a viral video of a young woman being physically forced off a train by a police officer for not taking her feet off one of the chairs. Personally, I think the girl should not have refused the cop’s orders. It is disrespectful to put your feet up on a chair on a train to begin with and if a person, a police officer of all people, comes up to you and says to get your feet off the chair, you should do it. If that were me being approached by the officer I know would have because, well, the dude has a gun. Though, the cop is also in the wrong because of how he treated the young lady. He physically forces her off the train and arrests her and calls for backup. A woman comes to her aid and this woman ends up getting arrested also. In the video there’s about five cops altogether who take away these two women. It wasn’t necessary to call for backup. It wasn’t even necessary to arrest these women. Though, the young girl in the video does continue to run her mouth at the police officer after he gets physical with her. Honestly, she should have been calmer after she was treated so roughly. Though, maybe if she just had taken her feet off the chair none of this would have been. With cops today, it seems like it is better just to be calm, quiet and respectful to officers because you never know if the cop is going to abuse their power. I remember witnessing police brutality once in White Plains over a year ago where a woman was thrown to the ground. From what I remember, these two cops were arresting a man and there was a woman next to the cops who knew the man and she kept talking to them and the officers yelled at her to shut up, but she kept talking. Both officers threw her to the ground and cuffed her just for talking. She wasn’t being malicious or anything. Sometimes it is better for people to be calm and respectful to officers, but the respect should be mutual.

-Andrew Dzwonczyk


  1. I completely agree. Yes, he may have overreacted, but it’s much less likely that someone will get in trouble if they are being respectful. That way, even though a cop doesn’t do what he is supposed to, it is much easier to see where the injustice is.

  2. This is so true. I believe that although they may think that they are a minority or they are being mistreated. The best way to go about a situation like this, is to just cooperate. Putting your feet up on a chair on a train and revealing that you won’t move your feet for someone else to sit there does have means of removal. This video may have gone viral but for the wrong reasons. No, the cops were not being racist, and they were not being brutal. They asked her to do something reasonable more than once and she refused. This was on her for the most part.

  3. I still cannot believe this happened! I do agree with comments above, the most you can do is cooperate and after all is said and done you will be okay because you did what you were told. Yes, he was so aggressive which was wrong, however there were other ways they BOTH could’ve gone about this situation.

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