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Alcohol is a Drug

Alcohol is a drug. It is a drug similar to heroin or cannabis. I remember listening in the On the Media podcast about how alcohol is considered worse than most drugs in France because it kills more people yearly than any other drug in France, with the number being sixty-seven thousand people. The podcast also said that as much as eighty-eight thousand people die as a result of consuming alcohol yearly. If it is considered to be more dangerous than drugs like heroin and crack cocaine, than why is it legal? I mean I know we’ve been through this phase with the prohibition and it was a disaster, but I just find it really funny how alcohol is considered to be the worst drug by some scientists meanwhile drugs like crack cocaine and heroin are illegal but are considered not as worse as alcohol. I’m not saying to legalize heroin or crack cocaine because imagine the number of deaths that could increase if they were legal. Eighty-eight thousand could turn into a hundred thousand. Really it just all comes down to being responsible. I know that drunk driving is definitely a part of the eighty-eight thousand people. It should be common sense at this point to know not to drink and drive. There’s so much taught to a person about the negative effects that alcohol can have on a person’s health and life. I remember in high school every year there was a seminar about the negative effects of alcohol. In fifth grade my grade took part in the DARE program. We’re all taught the negative effects of alcohol and any drug, but why is that there are people who will get to that point of being alcoholics or need liver transplants, or even with other drugs, getting to a certain point that they may not come back from? Maybe it’s people’s own stubbornness or maybe they don’t care. Either way the thousands of people who die from alcohol every year, their deaths could have easily been prevented.

-Andrew Dzwonczyk


  1. I agree that a lot of times alcohol is overlooked by society because it holds such a strong place in the financial stability of our country. Without alcohol, so many businesses would die and would affect our economy greatly. In that sense, I feel that there is some corruption in how our media representation of alcohol especially how it relates to other drugs. Cannibus is represented as being more harmful and a more serious offense than alcohol, however in reality alcohol has proven more harmful on the body. I think we need to reconsider how we evaluate certain drugs in our country and prioritize where we direct our attentions towards.

  2. Great Article Andrew! I like program like DARE who educate on the effects of the consumption of drugs, however, I think that in the US there is more education about drugs that alcohol. Being from Jamaica, when I came to America I have never seen people binge drink alcohol like this before. I also agree with Blake’s comment that alcohol is an integral part of the US’s economy and will remain so for a long time to come

  3. I think Dan’s comment was so interesting! Coming from his perspective about being from Jamacia and saying when he came here, the drinking was like nothing he has ever seen. I think the DARE program was great in elementary school, and I do think in the US there is a lot of good education on drugs however, I agree that there can be a lot more done.

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