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Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.47.02 PM.pngHey Guys!! So while I decided that choosing three podcasts to provide to Professor Proctor would be a great idea, I ended up writing like a full page about each one because I was so excited about them. So, pretty much I am going to discuss actually three different podcasts on here. The first one, I actually know the podcaster. She used to be my neighbor and is now a multi-millionaire. She lives a super cool life and her and her husband just travel and workout and eat and its a really cool life. So the first podcast I am going to talk about is called The Skinny Confidential. The podcast essentially talks about anything and everything that has to do with living a healthy life, how to make and live a more beautiful life, and how to just not give a fuck about certain things in life. Lauryn and her husband, Michael, talk on this podcast to different people every week. The one that I really liked listening to this year is when they interviewed Jillian Michaels. She was my idol as a child because she always made the fat people on biggest loser skinny and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So listening to this podcast as raw as it could be, and it is so interesting to hear about her life and how she lived through training all of these people and the suffering, the enjoyment, and the craziness of the 8 years she was on the show. Although the Skinny Confidential is really targeting females around 5-10 years older than me, I find it to be a podcast I can really relate to. Whether they are talking about business and how they obtain new clients or are trying out new products to advertise. It is a really cool company that this girl has built up since she was my age in college.



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The next podcast that I found super interesting and more similar to what we are learning in college and more relative to life as a college student. This radio station is run by one of the writers of the books “Freakonomics.” This podcast is actually a sponsored podcast and what Stephen J. Dubner does is discusses all the ups and downs of different ways to become different positions or how to do things better in order to be more successful. On the episode I listened to, it discussed how to be a successful CEO. And they went around and talked to multiple CEO’s in order to find out how to just become a CEO, the beginnings, the extensions, and the different kinds of CEO’s. One was a high school drop out, one was a college graduate, and many have had many different roles throughout in order to get to the CEO position. I found this podcast to be so interesting because you can see that this guy really wants to make you laugh and also give you the all seriousness of what a future can look like if your really trying to make a big one. He includes riddles about everyday life, he also talks about human nature such as cheating, crime, and the art of survival. I think that this really relates to the class because we really are talking about what happens on a day-to-day basis in our world and how things may not have happened in the past or how things have affected the way we go about our days. I think that economy is a major part of our world and yes it always has been but this guy takes things that many people have high hopes for and turns them into reality, which I think is very similar to Bunk and how Bunk takes hoaxes that have happened in the past and proves them to be things that could essentially still happen today. I think there are many things that have not changed in the world we live in, but at the same time we see so many changes with technology, communications, and the way of life.


The final podcast that I had looked into and listened to a few is the BuzzFeed Internet Explorer. I figured that finding a podcast off BuzzFeed would make sense because I definitely read at least one, maybe more BuzzFeed articles on a daily basis. They always give me some sort of entertainment, so why wouldn’t a podcast about the internet be exciting as well. This podcast uses adult themes and uses those themes to tell a bunch of young fans about these themes. Although this podcast is not often, it is really funny and interesting and it talks about all the worst things on the internet. The last episode I listened to talked about the predictions of 2018 and what awful things will come up on the internet during the course of the year. This podcast is by Kate Notopoulos and Ryan Broderick and they just find the funniest things and the weirdest things that happen year round. They find everything from Politics to “Dicks out for Harambe.” The internet has so many different “corners” and I found that they really dive deep into the future and past of what is so weird and what is actually normal for today’s day and age. This relates to what we are talking about in the class because we are able to talk about the internet and its effects on the world. Such as the video we watched last week with the girl being pulled off the train by a cop. Less than 10 years ago you would never see a video go “viral” like that. It wouldn’t show up on every single form of social media and it would not be such a controversy. Some will say she was wrong, some will say she was right and the cops were too aggressive. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I believe that is what has made society change so much in recent years. People are more willing to hide behind a computer screen or telephone and express how they feel about certain things going on in society. I think that this is definitely detrimental to society. Sadly it isn’t controllable at this point because technology is only going upwards and relationships are disappearing and turning into online fake relationships where people “catfish” and pretend they are someone they aren’t. I think the internet has become a scary place and this podcast definitely dives into the “scaries” of the internet.

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~Danyela Swidler~

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