Social Media affecting our self-idenitity

In today’s society the Internet and social media have altered our self-identities in ways that we may not even realize. People are so focused on social media that they are often living in this reality of someone they want to be, and not who they truly are. This is something I see especially in popular culture where people do whatever they can to feel accepted and attractive. Our identities are influenced by how others perceive us, rather than who we really are. People are no longer unique because they are trying so hard to fit in to conform to what they think is acceptable in society.

It’s also important to note that while on social media people get validation from others on what they post through likes, comments, followers, shares, etc. In our generation especially, I think people are less focused on the content they are posting and more worried about the audience that will stem from each post. People are posting what they think will bring the most attention to them. People are putting high levels of effort into their posts where they sit for hours trying to find the right filters to make their post more appealing. If there wasn’t a section for likes, comments, followers, and shares I believe that social media would be MUCH different today.

Celebrities and influencers on social media don’t make this issue any better. People are constantly comparing themselves to them and with the rise of social media this is only hurting young individuals. This is something that I see particularly on YouTube where people will post content almost identical to someone else’s channel. In reality people want to see new content, not the same video they saw last week from another channel. In trying to fit in they are actually losing the attention they are seeking to gain, because they are doing something that was already done by someone else.

-Rachel Stasolla

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  1. I agree with how reassurance on social media can consume us. The purpose of social media is share content with people because you WANT to share it, not because you should be too fixed on the amount of likes acquired. The social media app, Visco, is interesting because it compares to Instagram in that you post pictures however it leaves out the “likes” feature. So all you see is the pictures posted from people but no likes next to it. I think this is something that all social media apps should consider because it would completely change the dynamic of how we view social media in our society.

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