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“Mass Shootings-The Price of Living in America?” podcast


I decided to focus on the NPR series 1A with their episode called “Mass Shootings-The Price of Living in America?” This episode talks about gun violence in America and what changes we should impose to lessen the amount of mass shootings. It also talks about if Americans are becoming numb to the news of mass shootings as so many of them happen each year. This podcast came out in November of 2017 after a discharged US air man shot and killed twenty-six people in a church in Houston on November 5, 2017. Back in 2017, there were over 300 mass shootings in America.

I did a podcast on a shooting due to the recent shooting by Nikolas Cruz on Valentine’s Day and how gun control is still an ongoing debate which seems like there is no solution in sight even though there have been hundreds of shootings going on in America for a while, going back to the 1999 Columbine high school shootings. This podcast caught my attention because of its title, “Mass Shootings-The Price of Living in America”. It’s such an interesting question to ask, and I remember in last week’s discussion, on February 15, how we spoke about how mass shootings are only a thing in America, and I felt seeing this title I had too give it a listen.

An interesting part came up when the host, Joshua, reads a comment from a person named Kevin on the show’s Facebook page, (10:30-11:00) where he says that he didn’t really react to the Las Vegas shooting where he felt numb and indifferent because of how often they happen. One of the guests named Gabriella responded that in a way we have become numb to this because when we look at Sandy Hook and the little children that were killed, and with that, no change erupted. It created awareness that gun control is necessary, but no substantial change. A British man at the beginning of the podcast whose name is Richard calls in to the show and says that he has lived in America for forty-five years and that he is moving back to England because of another shooting massacre in America. He doesn’t want to live in a country with so much gun violence. He doesn’t want to live in a place where “nothing ever gets done”. I agree with Richard in that nothing ever gets done. I am sick of it. The guy Kevin who left the comment, I agree with him too, somewhat because I’m even at the point where I hear of a mass shooting I’m not even surprised to hear that there was another one. I am shocked and unsurprised at the same time. Though not everyone is numb as there are lots of people who are speaking their mind about having gun control, but who knows if there will be substantial change. Change does have to come. The woman Gabriella says in the podcast that we should look at mental health as a main factor for mass shootings as so many of the shooters are reported to have mental health issues. Maybe there’s a start here. Maybe we should be doing more to help people with mental health issues. Maybe reach out more to these people and be more caring towards them.

There’s another guest named Terry, who is an NRA member, who says that gun control won’t solve anything. Having gun laws won’t make people safe, but rather having guns will keep us safe and able to defend ourselves. He says that having the second amendment defends us against a controlling government where we have our own means of defending ourselves, and if the government takes our guns away we are defenseless. He also says that our country was founded on a gun. I used to strongly believe in having a gun to be able to defend yourself and having the guns taken away could leave us defenseless against dangerous people who are able to get guns illegally. Guns are meant to protect us, it’s a right. Though, it’s just tough to think about protecting yourself and having the ability to defend yourself when some many people get killed by the very things given to us to protect ourselves.

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-Andrew Dzwonczyk

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  1. I think to a degree it is interesting that people are becoming “numb” to hearing about shootings because they are happening so often, but at the same time I feel that this time may be different. The students from the school are putting their voices forward in the media as well as through rallies and walkouts. I read an article on the Huffington Post about a girl who lost her brother in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where she states that they are demanding change in a way we’ve never seen before. She shares it is different in a way because at the time of the Sandy Hook school shooting people were unable to grasp what had happened, but this time they are turning their grief into action. I truly believe we all have to come together to enact change.

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