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Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.47.58 AM.png99% Invisible is a podcast series about everything you never think about. When I came across this podcast I was instantly intrigued by the concept. I am a person who is fascinated with “behind-the-scenes” and fun facts about things that I thought I knew but in fact didn’t!

My favorite episode in this series was “Hero Props: Graphic Design in Film & Television” The Host of the podcast invited Annie Atkins, a graphic designer in the film industry, to talk about her career. She explains the unknown world of graphics in movies. Everything visual in a film is designed and put there on purpose; everything from┬átelegrams, vintage cigarette packaging, maps, love letters, books, poems, labeling, passports, and identification cards. For the past few years, I have had a passion from simple graphic design but never would think it could be applied to film. I use it everyday at my internship in advertising and even just as a hobby. I would never have imagined that in every movie I’ve watched each prop and even background posters and images were created and strategically placed throughout the film. The graphics in the films can state the time period, and even the feel of the scene. Every little detail is put in place to help the movie progress and tell the story. Annie Atkin explains that she reads each script and decides which scenes will need what props. After that, she begins researching the location during the time period.

The amount of work that goes into the smallest details in film is mind-blowing! It’s crazy to think that this is someones career. Annie Atkin gets to recreate objects from the past, predict what things will look like 20 years from now and then create an environment for an entire film.


Hero Props: Graphic Design in Film & Television

Laura LiVolsi


  1. I also find this information very interesting. It is crazy to see how much work goes into the smallest details. I am glad that this podcast exists because graphics and film is something I might want to do for a living. I think some people do not realize how much work these designers put into for the little details.

  2. This podcast caught my attention since I plan to work in a field related to Graphic Design. Graphic Design is really everywhere whether it be on billboards, signs, cards, etc. Since you are interested in this, I would highly suggest on Netflix watching Abstract: The Art of Design in particular episode 6.

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