Gary Vaynerchuk: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Ever since becoming an entrepreneur I have noticed great in every aspect of my life both personal and professional. I have worked many jobs in my life, some I hated and some I loved, but with all the jobs I’ve had there was one feeling that was common among them; I was unsatisfied working for someone else. I realized I had dreams and aspirations that I wanted to pursue the satisfaction of running your own business is like nothing else. The entrepreneur’s grind to success is not a glorious one. It comes with its pitfalls and triumphs. It consumes you, sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way, but I love what I do so I don’t mind. As an entrepreneur, my business is on my mind all the time. Simply seeing progress as a result of hard work, keeps me driven to accomplish my next goal.
On my entrepreneurial journey, seeking advice from like-minded individuals who have “made it” helps to push me through the pitfalls of entrepreneurship. One entrepreneur that has helped me along the way via the content he produces is Gary Vaynerchuk.
Vaynerchuk is wine entrepreneur turned social media mogul and investor, he has amassed millions of followers across multiple social media platforms.

He is the host of many series, namely #AskGaryVee, The GaryVee Audio Experience, and DailyVee. Across all the series, he shares a lot of tactics about social media, business, and the entrepreneurial journey. Gary is a highly inspirational person, whether you’re watching his video series or listening to his podcast, the echoes of drilling concepts such as hard work, hustle, and legacy can be heard throughout all his content. What I like about Gary is that he is able to shed light on complex concepts about business and life and break them down in a way that is easy to understand. His content guides you to not make excuses for why you can’t accomplish the thing you want in life, in the words of the man himself “suffocate all the bullshit.”


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  1. Really nice presentation on Gary Vee, Dan. I looked this guy and watched some of his videos and follow him on linked in. He is a very inspirtational guy who offers a lot motivation to a younger demographic such as us, soon to graduate. I really like what he says in the video you pinned to the blog about how the 5 years after we graduate will be the best of our life. This resonates with me because I am still not sure what I want to do with my life after graduation and I realize now that this period of time is all for experimention and finding really what my passion is. I am not held down in any way, and I have the ability and freedom to travel and discover where I think I belong.

  2. I learned about Gary Vee actually while working with fellow committee members during Quad Jam! We were at a point in time where we were gathering together and trying to figure out plans for all the activities, food, items, etc that were gonna be there. We were all kinda stressing out and then one of them showed us his instagram, and we thought he was funny, but pretty motivational and down to earth. 🙂

  3. So as an entrepreneur, what exactly is your main goal? I know you are super great with making website and designing them, but how do you make a future out of this? I’m sure there is some sort of money in this, but I feel that it isn’t enough to not live paycheck to paycheck.

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